Gina and Edgar

Gina and Edgar both came to Peace Love & Dog Paws via a cruelty case. In addition to being in overall poor health from neglect, both were Heartworm+ and Gina needed surgery on both of her eyes. They are now healthy and Edgar has found his forever home, Gina is still waiting patiently for hers.



edgar-heartworm  edgar-bjc-ac  edgar-now

gina-post-surgery  gina-bjc-ac  gina-now


Success Stories

The Animal League of Birmingham has been fortunate enough to help several rescues and shelters in need of financial assistance with everything from pet food, vaccinations, heartworm treatments, etc. Here are just a few examples...

Tanner, Slate, and Blue
Nika and Bo
Gina and Edgar
More Coming Soon
More Coming Soon

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